Registering Your Child in a Local Vancouver Program

How to Register Your Child in a Local Vancouver Classes?

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As you know, I am a big believer in learning through experiences and immersing oneself in a language and local culture. This is particularly beneficial for children, who absorb information like sponges! So believe me when I say that if you are visiting Canada, you DO NOT need to put your child in an ESL  / EAL class.  If you are visiting Canada, the goal should be to improve oral fluency.   ESL classes  will be tempting and many people may try to pressure you into this. But believe me! Surrounding your child by native speakers is truly the best way to improve their oral comprehension, oral fluency and their accent.

Basically, there are two options for you to register your child in local Vancouver classes:  Community Centres and Private Companies.

Community Centres

Each major Vancouver neighbourhood has at least one community centre. These centres are run by the municipal government – the City Of Vancouver. Community Centres offer a wide array of classes throughout the year, for people of all ages.  This is your best bet if you are looking for affordable classes in a particular neighbourhood.

How do I Begin?

  1. You must create a profile with the City Of Vancouver Recreation Site here. You must have an email address and be over the age of 13 years old to register. As the parent, the account MUST BE UNDER YOUR NAME. You may add people under your account, such as your husband, wife and children.  Your entire family will be under this one account.

How to I Find  a Class?

  1. Go to the registration home page here
  2.  Search for a course that interests you in the search bar on the top left. For example, you can simply write “dance” or “swimming.”
  3.  Use the  filters  located on the left of the page, to help you be specific. You can choose certain dates and locations (neighbourhoods) for your classes.
    • For example, you can select “Day Camp” from the Activity Category and “3-Child” from Age Category to see all of the options for children’s day camps .
    • Note: the more filters you leave blank, the more options you will have.  You do not need to only attend courses in your neighbourhood. Vancouver is easy enough to get around by public transport. Going to a different neighbourhood for a class is an excellent way to explore more of the city!
  4. When you see an activity you are interested in, click on it to see more information.
  5. Once you have made a decision, click on the activity and click “Add to Cart.”
  6. Log in (if you are not already logged in) and select the name of your family member who will be taking this activity.
  7. Next review and click “proceed to shopping cart.”
  8. Review again and confirm  your purchase. You can make changes here if you have made any mistakes.
  9. Click “Proceed to checkout” and pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Visa-Debit and Pre paid credit cards.
  10. Once your payment is complete, you will receive a receipt  onscreen. Make sure to print it or save it onto your computer.

Congratulations! You have signed up for a class!


Private Companies in Vancouver

There are many different companies that offer different classes. I have compiled a list for you, with direct links to their websites. If there is no online registration, then emailing them may be the best way.  There is no problem in emailing a company to ask for more information.


Arts Umbrella   – Art, Theatre, Music, Dance

Circus West – Circus School

Goh Ballet  – Ballet

Boogaloo – Dance, Music & Drama

Harbour Dance – Dance ( older kids)

Dance Co – Dance

Vancouver Tap Dance – Dance

JeanLyonsMusic – Music

YMCA – Many activies, not just art.

YWCA – Many activies, not just art.

Long & Mcquade – Music lessons ( Voice and Instrument.)

Young Rembrandts – Visual Arts

Luminous Elephant – Visual Arts

4Cats Art Studio – Visual Arts


The Edge Climbing Centre – Climbing (Only for if you are living in North Vancouver)

The Hive Bouldering Gym – Climbing

Vancouver Youth Soccer Association – Soccer. Check this out to look for summer camps

Volleyball BC –  Check out the “Clinics and Camps.”

Badminton Vancouver


BC Summer Camps – This website has great information on MANY summer camps.


So where to go from here?

At this point you have a  lot of information.  Please note that the list of companies above does not include EVERY Vancouver company and class out there. As I continue to explore and get feedback, I will add to this list.  Finding the right class can be exhausting, especially when you don’t know the city and English is your second language.


  1. Think about  classes that are in a group setting rather than one on one. This will allow for more opportunities for your child to speak and engage with his peers
  2. Aim to find a class that is in your neighbourhood OR that is easily accessible with public transport.
  3. Consider a summer camp!  Many summer camps are only one week long, so it might be easy to find one during your visit.  They are also a lot of fun and full of kids!
  4. Do not over think to much. If you found a class that looks good, then go ahead a book it!

I look forward to hearing about your experiences here in Vancouver! Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions or send me an email at


Good luck!



English 中文版

如你所知,我深信透過親身體驗本土文化之中來學習語言。這對像海綿般吸收訊息的兒童們特別有效果!所以,當我說如果你訪問加拿大時,請相信我,你不需要把你的孩子放在ESL / EAL課堂上。如果您已經在加拿大觀光生活,目標應該是提高口語流利程度。 ESL課程的確是很誘人的,許多人可能會試圖向你施壓推銷。但相信我!有當地的母語人士圍繞您的孩子身邊,確實是提高語言理解度、流利程度和解決口音的最佳方式。







9.點擊“繼續結帳”,並通過Visa,MasterCard,American Express,Visa-Debit和Pre付款信用卡付款。




Arts Umbrella   -藝術,戲劇,音樂,舞蹈

Circus West – 馬戲學校

Goh Ballet  – 芭蕾舞團 – 芭蕾

Boogaloo – 舞蹈,音樂和戲劇

Harbour Dance – 舞蹈(大齡兒童)

Dance Co – 舞蹈

Vancouver Tap Dance – 舞蹈

JeanLyonsMusic – 音樂

YMCA – 許多活動,不只是藝術。

YWCA – 許多活動,不只是藝術。

Long & Mcquade – 音樂課程(語音和樂器)

Young Rembrandts – 視覺藝術

Luminous Elephant – 視覺藝術

4Cats Art Studio – 視覺藝術


The Edge Climbing Centre – 攀岩(只適用於如果你住在北溫哥華)

The Hive Bouldering Gym – 攀岩

Vancouver Youth Soccer Association – 足球。看看這個尋找夏令營

Volleyball BC –  看看“診所和營地”。

Badminton Vancouver -夏季營地


BC Summer Camp-這個網站有很多關於許多夏令營的信息。




  1. 考慮一下團體班級,而不是一對一的班級。這將使您的孩子有更多的機會與同齡人交談
  2. 目標設定可以是一個在你家附近的班級,或者是可以通過公共交通工具輕鬆到達的班級。
  3. 考慮一個夏令營!許多夏令營只有一個星期的時間,所以在您訪問當地期間可能會很容易地找到一個夏令營。他們也很有趣,裡面參加的都是孩子們!
  4. 不要考慮太多太複雜。如果你發現一個看起來不錯的課,那就去參加吧!














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