Letourneau Family Update – Three Weeks In

*Disclaimer, this post was written August 10th, 2016 (three weeks after we arrived to Taiwan)

Dear Family and Friends

A quick update…

We’ve started to experience Typhoon rains. They come out of nowhere and hit pretty hard.

Who are these weird foreigners running barefooted in the rain?

Today, during a downpour, I ducked into a pharmacy to buy sunscreen. When I exited, my glasses fogged up like mad since it was so hot and extra humid with the rain.  

Loren’s started work and I’ve had the chance to meet his colleagues and spouses. It’s a great community and I’m excited to get to know it better.

We have a morning market a five-minutes walk from our home. Yesterday I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and try a gelatinous noodle dish. I was not a fan! The Taiwanese seem to be really big on texture. I’m all good with the gummy textured pearls in bubble tea, but gelatinous broth does not do it for me!  Back to my tasty omelet wrapped in a flaky bread, and beef noodle soup. YUM! On a similar note, Loren’s been doing a great job using our new wok, our gas stove (with freakishly high flames) and local ingredients to whip up some tasty dinners!  Yay for having a husband that can cook amazing dishes from scratch!

Hope you are all doing well.  Sending you all lots of love from here.



*(Future self writing nine months in) I now know that the “tasty omelet wrapped in a flaky bread” is called dan bing!


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