Family Adventures Beginning…

Family in front of East Gate

Family exploring downtown Hsinchu, posing in front of the Historic East Gate.

It’s been almost two weeks since we arrived in Hsinchu Taiwan, my husband Loren, me (Marisol) and our children Theo (3 years old) and Daphne (3 months old). Our oldest, Liv (9 Years old), will be visiting us during holidays from Beijing, where she will be living with her mom. Honestly, I’m a little late writing this first post. Originally, my plan was to start writing this blog before we left for Taiwan. But, I soon discovered that the thought of doing so with a newborn and a toddler was completely unrealistic. When did I have the time to sit and blog? Then I thought that I would start documenting immediately upon my arrival – which I did with plenty of videos and photos. By the end of the day, however, exhaustion took over – or the comfort of Netflix – and starting up my blog fell behind on the priority list.

So here I am, starting to settle and ready to give blogging a shot. What to expect from me?  Weekly posts about our experiences during this amazing journey. Honesty and raw footage. Let’s face it, moving to a new country with young kids will have its ups and its downs. Posts about food, language, general culture.  Future new blog posts will go up Saturday morning (Taiwan Time).

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