Taking the Leap in Taiwan with Kids

So we just tackled a new family first. That’s kind of the point of travelling, though, isn’t it? In our case, we were doing something that very few families have done in Taiwan. It was something, in fact, that Taiwanese people thought us crazy for doing. We took our three children (including a baby) on a 200 kilometer cycling trip down the wild East Coast.

taking the leap

The idea came to us about six weeks ago when we were discussing the Christmas holidays with another couple. We originally thought of renting a vehicle and touring the island together, but that idea soon fizzled. We would have needed to rent two vehicles or an enormous van in order to fit both families. The practicality was not good and the costs would have been too high. Our friends then decided they wanted to do a cycling trip instead and invited us to join.

We had no cycling gear and had never done a cycling trip before, but it was the perfect antidote to our city life. We were both pumped to do it!

Since arriving to Taiwan five months ago, we’ve been busy settling in, meeting people, and getting to know the culture. In the everyday bustle, we have not ventured much out of Hsinchu city. With young kids and my husband working at a school, daily and weekend routines have taken over our life. And… we’ve been craving more exploration!

Reminding ourselves of the purpose of our trip.

So this offer came at a perfect time for us. It also made us sit down as a couple and discuss the purpose of this Taiwan move for us. The word “adventure” came to mind. This move to Taiwan was about having a family adventure. Don’t get me wrong, it has been quite an adventure so far. But as I mentioned, we’ve started to get into a rhythm, and we are at the point now, where we’d like to rebel against our own rhythm a little. Or a lot! It also made us think about being “yes” people. We want to be the sort of people – of family – that seize opportunities as they arise and say “yes” rather than “no” to new and exciting opportunities and adventures.



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  1. Jean-Michel says:

    C’est vraiment incroyable ce que vous faites!

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