Cost of Visiting Vancouver

How Much Does It Actually Cost to Visit Vancouver?

Well, I’m going to be honest with you, Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in Canada. But, it’s also one of the most beautiful cities in Vancouver. For certain categories, you may find better deals than what is suggested in this post because I am looking atthe average costs. I want to present you with realistic facts.

So let’s look at costs of Visiting Vancouver! Where possible, I will try to base the prices on a one month stay, during the month of August.  This series of Visiting Vancouver posts has been written for a Taiwanese audience and have the goal of encouraging  natural language learning through the visit. As Such, I’ll also be looking at the costs related to taking some classes while visiting Vancouver.



ITEM      COST Information
Flights 33,550 NT  / 1300 CAD Skyscanner

Google Flights

Hopper (app)


Accomodation 75000-100000 NT / month
Public Transportation 2185 NT or $93 CAD for an adult’s monthly pass

1245 NT or $53 CAD for a child’s monthly pass

Check out the Translink Site here for a lot more information about Vancouver Public Transportation.
Taxi From the Airport 1200 NT or $50 CAD
Skytrain from the Airport 235 NT or  $10 / person / day pass. Click here for more info from the YVR.
Car Rental 18-000 NT or 750 CAD / month *Book Early!
Health Insurance 4700 NT or  $200 CAD  based on two adults and two kids / month.

This quote is from Canadian Pacific Blue Cross.

Check first: Do you have travel insurance through your work or your husband or wife’s work?

*Must purchase at least 72 hours before leaving your trip.

Groceries 14,000 NT – 24,000 NT or $600 – $1000 CAD / month This REALLY depends on WHERE you shop and HOW you shop.  
Restaurants 200-500 NT or $12-$22 CAD / meal at an inexpensive restaurant
One week Hip Hop Classes ex 1 1200 NT  $50 CAD for 5 one hour lessons City of Vancouver Class Registration
Art Play Classes ex. 2 860 NT or $37 CAD for five 1.25 hours sessions City of Vancouver Class Registration
Summer Camp ex. 1 $50-$500 / week Camps usually run on a weekly basis.
Vancouver Aquarium 917 NT or $39 for an adult and 517 NT  or $22 CAD for a Child. One time Visit
Science World 564 NT or $24for an adult and 376 NT or $16 CAD for a child.
Swimming Pool entrance 141 NT or $6CAD for an adult and 70 NT or  $3 CAD for a child / visit
Playland 775 NT or $33 CAD for an adult and   587 NT or $25 CAD for a child
Capilano Suspension Bridge 1010 NT or $43CAD for an adult and   353 NT or $15
Cinema 330 NT or $14 for an adult and 211 NT or  $9 for a child Regular film NOT 3D.


Have you found this table helpful?  Is there a specific cost you are looking for that is not listed? If so, please leave a comment and I will follow up with that to the best of my abilities.  Best of luck as you prepare for your trip.

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